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i watched/found nana back in like 2015? ...and tbh am in need of a rewatch but o☆m☆g this was the first anime i ever really loved. i obvi realted to hachi and audrey was nana, i rooted so hard for nobu and i loved the fashion of it all...

merch can be hard to find, but here are some of my fav places to look:

☆ red bubble ☆

☆ ☆

☆ temu ☆

☆ etsy ☆

adoptable nana web art

Paradise Kiss

audrey found all of parakiss on youtube and sent it to me to watch in 2019? i watched most of it but did a full rewatch in 2021 or 2 so it's more fresh in my mind. i love how cool and outrageous george is even tho he is so toxic, and i love love love miwako, she is obviously me!...

i want to put in merch too but for now here are some fav fits/art:

adoptable parakiss web art