Hi, I'm Ellen

i am a 27 year old leo who loves anything cute and blingy, i love crafting, reading, gaming and dressing up for parties. the early internet really shaped my childhood, as did tumblr. my first exposure to HTML was trying to copy paste in code for free tumblr themes and having like a 20% success rate. as you can see, i am just starting to learn the basics of HTML and have not started CSS yet, but when i do, watch out bc it's over for u bitches!

i currently live in brooklyn with my cat and best friends. it's pretty much the tumblr mood board life that i always dreamed of except with fun perks like no air conditioning and limited closet space. anyways, more deets on me below!

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Tumblr Days

My old tumblr still exists here but the theme is broken now and displays weird. i used to spend hours scrolling and picking the perfect images to be side by side, i was so picky about my aesthetic. *nana narration voice* back then, i felt so alone. my tumblr is beautiful and broken. feminine and soft but also so full of hurt and longing, some of the text posts make me think, holy crap i was more aware than i remember. posts about gender and dress code, the pain of being a woman. but my feed is also so white, so thin, so straight, it's total model worship and even features adriana lima in braids that are ...questionable for sure

but mostly when i look back at my blog every now and then, i think, it still looks and feels like me. that even though all of the changing, growing, and therapy that i have been through makes my hs self feel like an absolutely clueless stranger, that girl is still me, just me in my rawest and most helpless form

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